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  • April 2021. Prof. Maria Contel publishes “Exploring the Potential of Metallodrugs as Chemotherapeutics for Triple Negative Breast Cancer” in Chemistry A European Journal.
  • April 2021: Prof. Maria Contel delivered a Keynote Lecture at the VII Latin-American Meeting on Biological Inorganic Chemistry titled “ Unconventional Metal-Based Drugs as Potential Therapeutic Treatments for Breast Cancer.
  • February 2021: Professor Ryan Murelli publishes “Investigations into a Stoichiometrically Equivalent Intermolecular Oxidopyrylium [5 + 2] Cycloaddition Reaction Leveraging 3-Hydroxy-4-pyrone-Based Oxidopyrylium Dimers” in the Journal of Organic Chemistry.
  • December, 2020: Professor Peter Lipke publishes “Through the Back Door: Unconventional Protein Secretion” in The Cell Surface.
  • November, 2020: Professor Anjana Saxena publishes “Nucleolin Regulates 14-3-3ζ mRNA and Promotes Cofilin Phosphorylation to Induce Tunneling Nanotube Formation” in The FASEB Journal. 
  • October, 2020:Professor Guillermo Gerona-Navarro publishes “An Allosteric Modulator of PRC2 Methyltransferase Activity Inhibits Renal Cancer Cell Proliferation” in European Journal of Cancer.
  • August, 2020: Professor Anjana Saxena publishedTargeting Piezo1 Unleashes Innate Immunity Against Cancer and Infectious Disease” in Science Immunology.
  • July, 2020: Professor Alec Greer publishes “Fatty Acid Conjugates of Toluidine Blue O as Amphiphilic Photosensitizers: Synthesis, Solubility, Photophysics and Photochemical Properties” in Photochemistry and Photobiology
  • June, 2020: Congratulations to Professor Ryan Murelli who has received a generous award from the National Institutes of Health for the project “Development and Exploitation of New Synthetic Strategies for Tropolones.” This grant will fund up to $1.54 million to his lab and Brooklyn College over the next four years to advance the synthesis of tropolones and develop tools and knowledge to establish tropolones as anti-viral therapeutics.
  • May, 2020: Professor Alec Greer publishes “Adjuvants That Empower the Action of Photodynamic Therapy” in Photochemistry and Photobiology.
  • May, 2020: Professor Maria Contel publishes “Auranofin-Based Analogues Are Effective Against Clear Cell Renal Carcinoma In Vivo and Display No Significant Systemic Toxicity” in ACS Pharmacology and Translational Science.
  • April, 2020: Professor Emilio Gallicchio publishes“Combining Alchemical Transformation with a Physical Pathway to Accelerate Absolute Binding Free Energy Calculations of Charged Ligands to Enclosed Binding Sites” in Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation
  • April, 2020: Professor Alexander Greer publishes with Professor Joel Liebman ’67 (now at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County) “Why are the elemental nonmetals (F2, Cl2, Br2, I2, S8, P4) of so many hues or of any hues and where is the chromophore? Insight into intera‐X–X bonds” in Photochemistry and Photobiology.
  • April, 2020: Professor Maria Contel publishes “SEC hyphenated to a multielement-specific detector unravels the degradation pathway of a bimetallic anticancer complex in human plasma” in the Journal of Chromatography B.
  • April, 2020: Professor Ryan Murelli and Assistant Professor Emilio Gallicchio publish “Amide-containing α-hydroxytropolones as inhibitors of hepatitis B virus replication” in Antiviral Research.
  • March, 2020: Professor Alec Greer publishes“In Vivo Tissue Evaluation Reveals Improvements in Explicit PDT Dosimetry” in Photochemistry and Photobiology.
  • March, 2020: Professor Ryan Murelli publishes“In Silico Design and Molecular Basis for the Selectivity of Olinone toward the First over the Second Bromodomain of BRD4” in Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics
  • March, 2020: BCCC-CURE congratulates Professor Cheril Carmichael, PI, who received a National Science Foundation CAREER Award of $896,346. Modeling responsive relationship behavior: Channels of communication, social benefits, and mechanisms of action.
  • March, 2020: The BCCC-CURE congratulates Professor Guillermo Gerona-Navarro, who has received a $1.57M award from the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of General Medical Sciences for the project “Allosteric Modulators of Polycomb Repressive 2 Gene Repression as Potential Therapeutics for the Development of Novel Epigenetic Cancer Therapies.” Part of the projects will be performed in collaboration with Weill Medical College of Cornell University (Professor Ari Melnick.)
  • March, 2020: Dr. Andres Durantini, a Fulbright Scholar in the Greer laboratory from Sept. 2019 – Nov. 2019, from CONICET and the Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto, Argentina, collaborated in publishing “Superhydrophobic Surfaces as a Source of Airborne Singlet Oxygen Through Free Space for Photodynamic Therapy” in ACS Appl. Bio Mater.
  • March, 2020: Assistant Professor Emilio Gallicchio receives the American Chemical Society COMP OpenEye Outstanding Junior Faculty Award.
  • January, 2020: Professor Ryan Murelli publishes “Synthesis of Aryl-Substituted 2-Methoxyphenol Derivatives from Maltol-Derived Oxidopyrylium Cycloadducts through an Acid-Mediated Ring Contraction Cascade” in Chemical Communications.
  • January, 2020: Professor Alec Greer in collaboration with Prof. Sherri McFarland published  “Synthesis and Characterization of Ru(II) Complexes with π-Expansive Imidazophen Ligands for the Photokilling of Human Melanoma Cells” in Photochem. Photobiol.