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Patient Oriented Research Members

Basil, Jennifer

Professor, Biology, Brooklyn College (CUNY)

My focus on the Cancer center comes from my experience as a breast-cancer survivor. I benefited from state-of-the art clinical trials for Herceptin after my diagnosis with an aggressive form of the disease, prevalent in younger women...[read more]

Carmichael, Cheryl L.

Associate Professor, Psychology, Brooklyn College (CUNY)

I study close relationship processes. My research examines the psychological, physiological, and behavioral underpinnings of the association between close relationship quality and health and well-being outcomes...[read more]

Drake, Jennifer E.

Associate Professor, Psychology, Brooklyn College (CUNY)

My research program focuses on the psychology of the visual arts. In one line of research, I examine the emotion regulation benefits of engaging in drawing for children and adults. I have found that drawing improves mood over a single session and over time when used as a form of distraction rather than as a form of expression...[read more]

Greene, Michele G.

Professor, Health and Nutrition Sciences, Brooklyn College (CUNY)

My general area of research interest is health communication, with a focus on communication between health care professionals and patients...[read more]

Horlyck-Romanovsky, Margrethe, DrPH

Assistant Professor, Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences, Brooklyn College (CUNY)

A public health nutrition professional committed to addressing intra-ethnic health disparities among populations of African descent. Her mixed methods research examining intra-ethnic risk profile research in New York City, compares risk factors, health behaviors and disease profiles of African Americans, African-born Blacks and Afro-Caribbeans....[read more]

    Kletenik, Devorah

    Assistant Professor, Computer and Information Science, Brooklyn College (CUNY)

    One of my areas of research focuses on reducing the prediction costs of machine learning classifiers. Our work focuses on application areas where there is a preference for simple and interpretable classifiers, and where it is important to be able to evaluate those classifiers cheaply...[read more]

    Reigada, Laura

    Associate Professor, Psychology, Brooklyn College (CUNY)

    My research focuses on the assessment, interplay, and treatment of comorbid emotional and physical health conditions (e.g., cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma)...[read more]

    Staniczenko, Phillip P.A.

    Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Brooklyn College (CUNY)

    My lab develops mathematical and computational techniques for analyzing data produced by complex systems...[read more]