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American Cancer Society BCCC-CURE Summer Research Internships

The ACS-BCCC-CURE Summer Internships for Undergraduate Underrepresented Students (summers of 2024, 2025, and 2026) is a supplement grant to the generous BCCC-CURE American Cancer Society Diversity in Cancer Research Grant (2023-2026). Selected students will get:

  • Cancer research experience with a BCCC-CURE Principal Investigator during the summer (10 weeks, full-time, $5,000 stipend)
  • Mentoring and support throughout the summer and academic semesters afterward
  • Professional development and career advice opportunities during the internship and afterward
  • Application requirements:
    1. Be a full-time Brooklyn College student
    2. GPA of at least 2.70
    3. Be a United States citizen or permanent resident
    4. Be a member of a group that is under-represented in biomedical research, including, but not limited to: a racial or ethnic minority group; individuals with disabilities; individuals from a family below the established low-income threshold; or individuals from an underperforming urban high school
    5. Identify a BCCC-CURE mentor willing to mentor the student (cancer research project) *List of potential mentors: Murat Cevher,  Maria Contel, Garumma Feyissa, Emilio Gallicchio, Guillermo Gerona-Navarro, Margrethe Horlyck-Romanovsky, Ankit Jain, Xinyin Jiang, Devorah Kletenik, Aneta Mieszawska, Ryan Murelli, Sheena Phillogene, Mara Schvarzstein, Anjana SaxenaShaneen Singh. and Mariana Torrente.

Applications for Summer of 2024 will open on January 3rd of 2024 (deadline February 15th, 2024). There are six internships available.

You can fill in and submit your application here starting January 3rd but make sure you contact any of the mentors ahead of time for them to help you with the application.