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Past Programs

Working at the forefront of cancer research

This research internship is open to all college juniors/rising seniors performing cancer-related research this summer with a member of BCCC-CURE. Eligible students may apply by sending a short summary of their planned research project (page maximum) along with their CV which includes their GPA and college major to The interns will be paid to perform 8 weeks of research over the summer. These research interns will also submit a written report of their research and make a short presentation.

Thanks to the generosity of BC alum Bernie’62 and wife Ethel Garil, the Brooklyn College Cancer Center (BCCC-CURE) will be able to offer a paid summer research opportunity for undergraduates, the Stacey and Michael Garil Summer Research Internship.

Summer 2022 Stacey and Michael Garil Cancer Research Summer Interns:

Annabelle Fu, Health and Nutrition Science Major (Gerona-Navarro Lab)
Devorah Scheinfeld, Chemistry Major (Gerona-Navarro Lab)
Fatima Aftab, Biology & Psychology Major (Contel Lab)
Justin Chow, Chemistry Major (Murelli Lab)
Michael Kozlov, Psychology Major (Torrente Lab)

Summer 2021 Stacey and Michael Garil Summer Interns:

Aiman Hafeez, Chemistry Major (Contel Lab)
Ariha Hamid, Psychology Major (Schvarzstein Lab)
Fatema Alam, Biology Major (Schvarzstein Lab)
Meriem Guttatfi, Biology Major (Lipke Lab)
Mitchell Porsche, Biology Major (Carmichael and Staniczenko Labs)