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BCCC-CURE Seed BRCA-Related Cancers Research Grants

BCCC-CURE Seed BRCA-Related Cancers Research Grants
2024 Request for Proposals

Funds to support experimental, computational, and data analysis-based research

Application deadline: April 15th, 2024

BCCC-CURE wants to support and expand the research on cancers performed by BCCC-CURE scientists with a main focus on BRCA-mutated cancers and potential targets, treatments, and the study of nonbiological factors (which may determine poorer outcomes and prevention in the Brooklyn communities selected). Research on Brooklyn patient’s data analysis will be also supported. One of the missions on the Gray Foundation is to transform the lives of individuals born with BRCA mutations by accelerating research into BRC Associated cancers. BCCC-CURE (through the Gray Foundation) is seeking proposals for one-year seed grants designed to provide preliminary data for a future federal grant submission.

Award Information

  • $12,000 for grants including laboratory experimental work
  • $5,000 for non-experimental grants
  • Duration 12 months. We anticipate making two-three awards in Summer 2024.


  • Any BCCC-CURE Principal Investigator

More details here.