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American Cancer Society DICRIDG Grant

The Brooklyn College Cancer Center, BCCC-CURE, will be training, building, and supporting its network for the next generation of diverse cancer researchers thanks to a $2.6 million grant from the American Cancer Society. Specifically, the Diversity in Cancer Research Institutional Development Grant (DICR IDG) titled “Supporting Cancer Research at Brooklyn College Cancer Center, a Highly Diverse Institution,” will support early career cancer researchers through $2.6 million over four years (2023-2026). The funding will go toward four areas: pilot grants for faculty who are in the early years of their tenure track; support for clinical scientists’ research and training; and offerings of two postdoctoral fellowships and six master’s scholarships over the length of the grant program. Other funding earmarked for the center itself will support the mentoring of junior faculty, clinician scientists, and other early career scientists, travel to conferences for BCCC-CURE researchers, plus trainings and seminars on different areas of cancer research. It will also support the launch of the BCCC-CURE Molecular Modeling Laboratory for Cancer Therapeutics.

Please click on the links below to apply for the subawards:

  1. Pilot Grants (PDF)
  2. Clinical Scientist (PDF)
  3. Postdoctoral Fellows (PDF)*List of potential mentors for Postdoctoral Fellows: Maria Contel, Guillermo Gerona-NavarroAneta Mieszawska. and Mara Schvarzstein. 
  4. Masters Scholars (PDF) *List of potential mentors for Masters Scholars: Cheryl Carmichael, Maria Contel, Guillermo Gerona-Navarro, Xinyin Jiang, Devorah Kletenik, Aneta Mieszawska, Ryan Murelli, Laura Reigada, Margrethe Horlyck-Romanovsky, Anjana Saxena, Mara Schvarzstein, and Shaneen Singh.

Send applications by the due date (check PDFs) to: Inquiries about sub-awards and potential applications can be sent e to