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Events in April–June 2021

  • BCCC-CURE Seminars Prof. Laura Reigada “Assessment, Impact & Treatment of Health-Anxiety” & Prof. Nilesh Zaware "Small Molecule Activators of Protein Phosphatase 2A for the Treatment of Cancer"
  • Outreach Lecture - Importance of Screening in Young People for Cervical, Breast, Lung and Skin Cancer (For BC Students)
  • BCCC-CURE Joint Scientific Seminar-Dr. Abraham Aragones - "Addressing Cancer Health Disparities Through Community Interventions"
  • Joint Seminar, on the occasion of the Immigrant Heritage Week- Dr. Amanda Marim-Chollom, "Latina Breast Cancer Survivorship within the Context of the Family."
  • Outreach Lecture - Importance of Screenings and Clinical Trials (For BC Students and their families)
  • BCCC-CURE Seminar-Prof. Sherri McFarland “Tackling Cancer & Infection with Light-Responsive Molecules”