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Events in September–November 2021

  • BCCC-CURE Virtual Scientific Seminar with Dr. John Tavis - “Inhibiting the Hepatitis B Virus Ribonuclease H as an Antiviral and Tumor Preventative Strategy.”
  • BCCC-CURE In Person/Hybrid Scientific Seminar with Dr. Linda Vahdat, MD. "Copper Depletion as a Therapeutic Strategy to Prevent Metastases in Breast Cancer.”
  • Symposium on "Nanoscience Approaches to Cancer" co-hosted by the Brooklyn College Cancer Center (BCCC-CURE) and the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC)
  • BCCC-CURE Virtual Scientific Seminar with Dr. Diana Murray - “Cancer-Specific Signaling Networks from Structure-Based Protein-Protein Interactions."
  • Breast Cancer Joint Symposium - Scientific Talks: Session 1 Basic Science & Preclinical Studies & Session 2 Clinical Studies
    Breast Cancer Joint Symposium Session 3: Community Outreach "Taking Charge of Your Breast Health During a Pandemic"
    Breast Cancer Joint Symposium Session 4: Student Talks "Positively Impacting Negative Perspectives of Breast Cancer Oncology & Nursing"
  • BCCC-CURE In Person/Hybrid Joint Scientific Seminar with the Chemistry Department. Dr. Janet Morrow - “Tracking Iron(III) Complexes and Tetrahedral Cages in Murine Tumor Models by MRI."